Bachelor Degree Programs

Faculty of Education

1.Bachelor of Education Program in Educational Technology and Innovation-Computer Education

2.Bachelor of Education Program in Early Childhood Education

3.Bachelor of Education Program in Special Education

4.Bachelor of Education Program in Physical Education

5.Bachelor of Education Program in Art Education 

6.Bachelor of Education Program in Classical Thai Dance

7.Bachelor of Education Program in Music 

8.Bachelor of Education Program in Thai

9.Bachelor of Education Program in English

10.Bachelor of Education Program in Social Studies

11.Bachelor of Education Program in Physics

12.Bachelor of Education Program in Chemistry

13.Bachelor of Education Program in Biology

14.Bachelor of Education Program in General Science

15.Bachelor of Education Program in Mathematics

16.Bachelor of Education Program in Computer Education

17.Bachelor of Education Program in Counseling Psychology and Guidance  

18.Bachelor of Education Program in Buddhist Studies

19.Bachelor of Education Program in Industrial Education

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

1.Bachelor of Public Administration Program

2.Bachelor of Laws Program

3.Bachelor of Fine Arts Program in Visual Arts

4.Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts Program in Visual Communication Design

5.Bachelor of Arts Program in Thai

6.Bachelor of Arts Program in Communicative Thai for foreigners

7.Bachelor of Arts Program in English

8.Bachelor of Arts Program in Business English

9.Bachelor of Arts Program in Japanese

10.Bachelor of Arts Program in Chinese

11.Bachelor of Arts Program in Information and Library Science

12.Bachelor of Arts Program in Social Development

Faculty of Management Science

1.Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Management

2.Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Management (Continuing Program)

3.Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Finance and Banking

4.Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Marketing

5.Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Human Resource Management

6.Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Business Computer

7.Bachelor of Arts Program in Hotel Management

8.Bachelor of Arts Program in Tourism Industry

9.Bachelor of Economics Program 

10.Bachelor of Communication Arts

11.Bachelor of Accountancy Program

12.Bachelor of Accountancy Program (Continuing Program)

13.Bachelor of Business Administration in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Faculty of Science and Technology

1.Bachelor of Science Program in Physics

2.Bachelor of Science Program in Chemistry 

3.Bachelor of Science Program in Biology

4.Bachelor of Science Program in Environmental Science

5.Bachelor of Science Program in Food Science and Technology

6.Bachelor of Science Program in Sport and Exercise Science

7.Bachelor of Science Program in Applied Statistics

8.Bachelor of Science Program in Computer Science

9.Bachelor of Science Program in Information Technology

10.Bachelor of Science Program in Geoinformatics

11.Bachelor of Science Program in Management Information System

12.Bachelor of Science Program in Home Economics

13.Bachelor of Science Program in Agriculture

14.Bachelor of Science Program in Veterinary Technology