Philosophy / Vision / Mission


    NRRU is an academic resource which aims to produce good citizens,to maintain morality,and to be a leader of society.


    NRRU is a center of educational knowledge for local community development research. Its vision is to serve as a local information center that aims to develop the quality of human resources and to strengthen society in a sustainable and effective manner.


     To produce knowledgeable students with high ethical standards,who are aware of their national identity and appreciate their local community.

     To produce and develop a high standard of qualified professional teachers and educational staff.

     To create a body of knowledge and to research and develop technological inventions using both Thai wisdom and international knowledge.


    To be a public University that emphasizes the quality of Graduates and local community development research. Its standard is acknowledged in Thailand and International Countries.

Student Identity:

    “Students who are conscious,omniscient and diligent” 

NRRU Identity

    NRRU is an “Educational Supporter of the Community”